Non-Obvious 7 Minute Meet Up

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Non-Obvious 7 Minute Meet Up

SXSW can feel overwhelming, no matter where in the world you're coming from. In this "flash mob style" meetup (the shortest one at SXSW!), you'll get introduced to new friends, learn the non-obvious secret to great networking, and pick up some fun branded swag ... all in seven minutes!

Inspired by the viral meetup that took SXSW by storm in Austin earlier this year, this quick meetup is hosted by Rohit Bhargava and his team from the Non-Obvious Company. Be sure to arrive on time ... we're serious about those seven minutes!

Be there for 12:32 start time!
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TUE, OCT 17, 2023
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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Inspired by his standing-room only talks from SXSW in Austin, this all-new featured session from Rohit Bhargava will offer a behind the scenes look at why some world changing ideas survive while others die. Drawing from more than a decade of trend insights and #1 WSJ bestselling book, Rohit will share new ideas that can help anyone think like a futurist - no matter what industry you work in. His global perspective, built from his work in 32 countries around the world (including several years living in Sydney and Manila) will also make these lessons immediately relevant to the region. The future belongs to non-obvious thinkers and you can be one of them. Come to this session to find out how.

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What happens in a world without space or time to be bored? Every waiting moment can now be filled with something. Reading, streaming, listening - all of it keeps us from the undesirable tedium of being bored. Boredom can be painful, but it can also open new spaces in our minds. So if we lose the ability to be bored, will we give up something important? In this conversation we bring together an award-winning investigative humorist who uses comedy to make climate related stories accessible and a digital behavior expert (and creator of the term “zombie scrolling”) as we take a non-boring look at the importance of being bored … and what happens if a new generation grows up with an inability to understand what it feels like or why it might matter. With Rohit Bhargava, Dan Ilic and Dr Joanne Orlando .

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What will human discovery look like in the next decade? Everything hasn't been discovered. The two great mysteries that still exist for humankind to explore are outer space and the Earth's ocean but which will yield greater treasure? And what role will human explorers play in a world where the most hostile territories are likely to be conquered by robots rather than humans. In this one of a kind conversation, we'll bring one of the world’s most successful female surfer together with a space systems director working on the future of space discovery to ask some big questions about the mindset, technology and commitment that will define the future of exploration itself. Is it worth it? Will and should humans continue to do it? And perhaps most importantly, will a distracted world even pay attention or see the value in the incremental discoveries that most exploration tends to yield? With Rohit Bhargava, Layne Beachley and Dawn McIntosh.
We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the Traditional Custodians of this land we now call Sydney, where this event will take place. We pay our respects to their continuing connection with cultural, spiritual and educational practices, and extend this respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Always was, always will be.
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