THINKfluencers: A Meet Up for Educational + Factual Social Media Creatives

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THINKfluencers: A Meet Up for Educational + Factual Social Media Creatives

Calling all tiktok historians, youtube scientists, podcast economists, and everything in between! If you are in the business of online edu-tainment, this is your chance to meet, mingle, connect and collaborate. SOCIAL (media) is a space where you can find digital nerds who share your love for creating engaging educational content in the digital media landscape.

Hosted by science + climate TV/Social media presenter and producer, Lee Constable (@Constababble), this curated networking hour of power will make sure that everyone has a chance to speak up and no one leaves without a bunch of new mutuals and a tonne of ideas for collaboration and continued innovation to cut through the noise with clever informative content.

Bring your best tips and your biggest challenges - from viral wins and algorithm hacks to audience-building woes. Lee's interactive speed-meeting sessions throughout the hour will ensure you find that person you're looking for in the crowd.

With misinformation rampant across social media and digital platforms, it is more important than ever that we not only meet up but truly connect as a network for a common goal of injecting quality information into the digital landscape (and yes, having a lot of fun along the way!)
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THU, OCT 19, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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