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Dominic Price

Atlassian Work Futurist

As Atlassian’s Chief Work Futurist, Dom Price is the in-house ‘team doctor’, designing collaborative patterns which are easily adaptable for any purpose. His passion is building highly effective and autonomous teams, and his preference is for sleeves rolled up pragmatism over theory.

His experience in global strategic positions across the fields of technology, finance and gaming, as well as extensive travel throughout over fifty countries, has informed a unique perspective on the future of work. One which values interconnectedness, but never forgets the individual at the core of even the largest scale operation.

Previous to Atlassian, Dom was the GM Program Management for a Global Gaming company, an around the world traveller, book writer and TED speaker

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Creating a Workplace Do-ocracy and Making Futurists Redundant

MON, OCT 16, 10:00 AM
We’ve waxed lyrical about the future so much, we’ve all become paralysed. Let’s instead form a do-ocracy movement around MODERN work and find things today that build a better future. I’m not saying kill your dreams…just make them more realistic by taking ownership and action of the steps today to create that better future. We won’t look back and say “AI, crypto and 5G really saved us as a society” so let’s get on with creating our future on purpose, and not by accident. This session will be an activation, provocation, and commencement of a movement. No bs thought leadership. Let’s do this!

Thriving in the Future (of Work)

THU, OCT 19, 12:30 PM
Have changes in ways of working and technology made us more adaptable to our modern work environment? The promise of modern work includes a more rounded and fulfilling work life with super-human AI doing the grunt work and real-time anywhere connection making our lives supremely flexible. What do we need to realise our potential, improve productivity, and create value at work? How do we guide our organisations to best use these capabilities to drive productivity while maximising the benefit of flexible, connected teams? Our team of Futurists and People Leaders take stock of where we are going.

Xanadu: The City of 2050 is a Pleasure Garden

WED, OCT 18, 2:30 PM
The city of 2050 is emphatically not a place of work: it is a place of play. A place to relax, to enjoy, to explore and to spend. Yes, we may still commute there for work as needed - when the team needs to get together to ‘con-spire’. The rest of the time, our urban cores offer themselves as centres of pure enjoyment. How can we rethink urban living and turn our cities into pleasure gardens? Our amazing panellists each take us on their own ‘walking tour’ of this city of 2050, a Garden of Earthly Delights, where people are instinctively drawn for almost the precise opposite of any of the reasons they visit cities today. We invite the audience to contribute their own designs and imaginations for our city of 2050 - because a shared delight is better than a secret one.
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