Human vs Machine: The Great Creativity Wars

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Human vs Machine: The Great Creativity Wars

In the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, there is a growing concern that machines may one day replace human creativity. While machines are becoming increasingly adept at producing advertising creative, art, music and more, there are those who argue that there is still something uniquely human about the creative process.

This session will bring together experts from the fields of academia, technology and creativity to explore the question: Can machines truly replicate the creative process of a human being, or is there something that sets human creativity apart?

The session will interrogate topics such as:

* The nature of creativity and what it means to be creative
* The strengths and limitations of machines and humans when it comes to creativity
* The role of emotion and intuition in the creative process
* The potential consequences of a future in which machines are the primary creators of advertising, art and music
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TUE, OCT 17, 2023
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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