The Future of Journalism, Publishing and Truth in the age of AI

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The Future of Journalism, Publishing and Truth in the age of AI

We are living in a world of generative content. The boundaries between “real” and “fake” are blurring - and the publishing industry is central to how the next phase in AI-generated content will evolve.

This panel focuses on the challenges and opportunities presented by generative content. The thought-provoking discussion will explore the impact of AI on the publishing industry, and how it is changing the very way we consume and trust content.

This will be an eye-opening glimpse into the wider ramifications of AI in our world, including how brand safety will evolve, and whether it can become a strategic, not just executional, tool for growth.

The panel will feature some of the leading minds in this discussion; Outbrain's Co-CEO and Co-founder, Yaron Galai, Julian Delany, Chief Technology Officer, Data and Digital at News Corp Australia, and Professor Mary-Anne Williams, an expert in artificial intelligence and digital transformation. The panel will be moderated by Tegan Jones, Senior Tech Reporter of SmartCompany and a leader in tech journalism.

Whether you're a publisher, marketer, content creator, or just a news consumer, this panel will offer the insights you need to navigate the rapidly changing world of AI and publishing.
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THU, OCT 19, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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